Free NFTs: How To Get Free NFTs? 2022

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How To Get Free NFTs? Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm as some of the most famous celebrities have started to join the decentralized finance (Defi) space.

These digital assets have changed the game for digital communities and networking in general. Within these communities, some projects offer free mints or airdrops to qualifying holders, providing an exciting way for new investors to receive free NFTs. 

Can You Get Free NFTs?

The phrase free NFT carries with it a lot of baggage. Scammers and fraudsters will lure would-be NFT owners in under the guise of earning NFTs, only to empty their crypto wallets. So, is there any legitimate way to get NFTs?

While there is a lot of demand for NFTs, the high prices often render them inaccessible to most people. Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs have a floor price of 83 ETH, or $262,000.

With such a massive popularity surge, many crypto users have started to explore the cheaper side of NFTs. You can already mint NFTs for free, for example, but can you pick up a shiny new NFT for free? Let’s find out.

How To Get Free NFTs

Twitter Giveaways

How To Get Free NFTs? Twitter Giveaways

Although the news in social media these days seems to be dominated by TikTok and Instagram, others have chosen Twitter as a way to generate buzz. This isn’t surprising, especially when you consider that TikTok and Instagram aren’t for everyone. Some people simply prefer to write.

You can also get NFTs from projects on Twitter that frequently announce giveaways. Search hashtags or terms related to NFTs and see what project accounts pop up. 

Some are not legitimate and use fake giveaways to farm “engagement” but others are for real. 

At the end of the day, there are lots of reasons why you might want to run a giveaway on Twitter, or any other social media network for that matter. Sure, people love to get free stuff. But it’s the things that they’ll do to get it that make the technique beneficial.

Discords Giveaways

Discords Giveaways

If you land on this page, then you are probably looking to grow your Discord server. While building your Discord community organically is a commendable activity, most times, you need to give out freebies to your fans and followers to gain their trust and loyalty.

Discord being a multi-dimensional platform is a bit challenging to grow. Unlike other social media platforms, Discord is unique in that a large proportion of its audience are gamers. Thus, that makes the audience streamlined.

Just like on Twitter, projects will often reward their Discord community with NFT giveaways. Typically they are giving away NFTs from other projects as a means to show support between communities. 

The main difference between Twitter and Discord giveaways is the time and effort in finding them. 

Whether you are just a random user or someone looking to promote is a gaming site, Discord giveaway makes it possible to grow your server, provided you stick to its guidelines.

There are a few viable ways to earn NFTs for free, including playing play-to-earn NFT games, for example.

Free NFTs via Play-To-Earn Games

Free NFTs via Play-To-Earn Games

One of the best ways to earn free NFTs is to play leading play-to-earn NFT games. These games have been designed and created especially to stimulate NFT trading and help mainstream NFT adoption among users.

aside from this, gaming guilds or unofficial programs such as the Axie Infinity Scholarship can allow prospective players to borrow NFTs to play games and earn new NFTs with them.

In This Guide:

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  • What makes NFT games revolutionary?

  • How do NFT games make a buck?

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  • 2. Defi Kingdoms
  • 3. Gods Unchained
  • 4. Alien Worlds
  • 5. Mines of Dalarna
  • 6. My Neighbor Alice
  • 7. Illuvium
  • 8. Guild of Guardians
  • 9. Champions: Ascension
  • 10. Ember Sword
  • 11. Surf Invaders
  • 12. The Sandbox
  • 13. Sidus NFT Heroes
  • Will NFT games become the new standard?
  • Frequently asked questions

Free NFTs via Giveaways

To promote their new collections, many NFT projects will announce free NFT giveaways through Twitter, Reddit, and Discord servers.

By doing this, projects can quickly gain a following of eager NFT collectors, while collectors can earn a free NFT that has the potential to be valuable soon in the future.

However, this method is riddled with its issues. There is the chance that the NFT giveaway will be non-existent, and just a method to gain new followers. 

Worse, there are many active scammers around the cryptocurrency space, offering free NFTs a popular method used by these individuals. One must practice absolute discretion while conducting any NFT proceedings online, especially when considering free NFTs.

Create Your Own NFT

If you just want to pad out your wallet, you can just create your NFT for free. OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces often don’t require any upfront costs for creating NFTs through their ‘lazy minting’ system.

However, the slight caveat here is that these NFTs won’t be stored on the blockchain until minted, meaning that eventually, you or another individual would need to splash out the minting fee.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have gotten a lot of attention lately. This isn’t surprising, especially when you hear stories about artists who have made tens of millions of dollars selling a single NFT.

When you look at the market, NFTs have skyrocketed in the past year alone. According to tracking company DappRadar, trading in NFTs exploded from $100 million in 2020 to an incredible $22 billion in 2021. And the collective value of the top 100 NFTs sits at a hefty $16.7 billion.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our guide to getting free NFTs has given you a better idea of where to look to get your collection started.

These free NFTs could start your journey to becoming a full-time NFT trader.

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