How To Enter the Metaverse? A Step-by-Step Best Guide

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How To Enter the Metaverse? You may live in this world, but others will soon follow (no, we’re not talking about Mars, sorry Elon). Enter the meta, the year’s hottest topic. The term crept into our lives sometime this year, somewhere between the third and whatever pandemic wave we’re currently in – and it won’t leave.

This latest tech buzz has the usual suspects (read Facebook/Meta, Microsoft, and the rest of Silicon Valley) scrambling for a piece of the action, but smaller players are also making a move. But what’s the big deal about the metaverse? And what does it have to do with blockchain, NFTs, or living 24 hours a day inside the internet? There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s get started.

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Enter the Metaverse?

So, What Is The Metaverse?

How To Enter the Metaverse? So, What Is The Metaverse?

To begin with, defining the metaverse is a tall order. We can all agree that there has been a lot of yada yada, but would you be able to explain a meta to your grandfather over Sunday roast? It can be perplexing because we’re discussing something that doesn’t yet exist. So, to put it simply, a metaverse is a shared virtual space that is hyper realistic, immersive, and interactive due to the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology.

Within a meta, there may be several virtual worlds where people can engage in a variety of activities that are the result of a physical and digital mix. Instead of staring at a screen as you do now, you’ll be able to be inside all of your online experiences, such as shopping, meeting friends and family, attending a concert, and even completing official paperwork, in a metaverse.

A true metaverse is a continuous experience that combines elements from various platforms and audiences into one. Now that we’ve nailed down this part, what else can keep the meta ticking?

The Metaverse Revolves Around Cryptocurrency

The Metaverse Revolves Around Cryptocurrency

Inside the metaverse, anything can happen. And we mean anything because, for the most part, no one knows what the future holds. For the time being, gaming and entertainment are leading the race because they have the most developed infrastructures that can be adopted in a virtual world and evolve within it. Their virtual economies are a significant contributor to this.

Take, for example, Roblox, Axie Infinity, or Fornite. These meta-like platforms have achieved enormous success, not only because of their entertainment offerings, but also because of their thriving marketplaces where users can buy, sell, or exchange items in exchange for native tokens such as V-Bucks or AXS. All of these digital-native spaces rely on a thriving virtual economy to generate new assets (such as NFTs), experiences, and activities, which has helped lay the groundwork for metaverse economics.

The meta equals big money at the end of the day. According to some estimates, the annual revenue potential for virtual worlds could be worth up to $1 trillion across segments such as advertising, digital events, and e-commerce. So, while the meta is still largely undeveloped, now is not the time to fall asleep at the wheel.

Buckle Up, We’re Going, Meta

Buckle Up, We're Going, Meta

So you’ve decided to take the red pill and see how far down the metaverse rabbit hole you can go. What happens next? To begin, you will require hardware. The good news is that you don’t have to go out and purchase an expensive piece of high-tech equipment. A smartphone is all that is required to enter a meta, and there are many meta features currently available in Sensorium Galaxy’s mobile app, for example. The only caveat is that you may not get much of that meta experience after all because you’ll miss out on the immersiveness aspect of the metaverse, which is what makes it all so spectacular.

A phone is great for a sneak to peek, but for the full experience, consider purchasing a VR headset or, if you don’t want to go that far, a pair of AR smart glasses. When deciding how to enter the meta, there are numerous factors to consider. Choosing the right VR headset is one of the most important factors that can make or break your experience.

We’ve put together a guide on the subject to help you get started. The idea behind using a VR headset instead of other mediums is to become fully immersed in the metaverse and achieve a true sense of presence. Depending on the headset you use, you’ll be able to communicate with others via your avatar and use all of your senses.

Meta, Everywhere

Meta, Everywhere

As previously stated, some metaverse-like experiences are already available. Roblox, a video gaming platform, has dabbled in meta events such as hosting Gucci’s 100th anniversary and opening the NFL’s first meta store. Meanwhile, competitor Fortnite isn’t far behind, having hosted massively successful virtual concerts featuring Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Marshemello, and others. However, there are numerous perspectives on the metaverse’s evolution, and some of the current trends are likely to continue:

Corporate: With a large portion of the global population shifting to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are already used to working online. The metaverse would simply be a continuation of that, as Facebook (sorry, Meta) has already demonstrated with Horizon Workrooms.

Gaming is enjoyable, and you can make new friends while earning a lot of money. As a result, games like Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Illuvium, and Decentraland are leading the metaverse race.

Entertainment: Downtime in the metaverse can quickly become very different. From socializing with real-life users to making friends with AI-powered avatars to witnessing your favorite performers headline a mind-blowing virtual concert, the metaverse elevates entertainment to new heights.

Real Estate: Are you experiencing a rent crunch? Can’t afford to buy a house? Is there no obvious way out of the rat race? While real-world real estate may be out of reach, purchasing a plot of virtual land could make you very, very rich. Decentraland recently set yet another metaverse record when a ‘virtual estate’ sold for $2.4 million.

When Will You Enter The Metaverse?

When Will You Enter The Metaverse?

A fully fledged metaverse could be years, if not a decade, away. There are still numerous technical challenges to overcome, beginning with the fact that the world lacks an online infrastructure capable of supporting millions (or even billions) of people using the metaverse at the same time. Furthermore, an uninterrupted and dependable internet connection is a critical component of the metaverse because a glitchy, ‘loading’ virtual world scenario is far from what a genuine metaverse is supposed to look like.

However, technology such as 5G and edge computing is still in development and is currently incapable of meeting the demands of a complex infrastructure such as the metaverse. There are also issues concerning data privacy and security. Only time will tell when the first true metaverse will become a reality, but when it does, we’ll see you there.

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