Binance NFT New Features & Updates You Should Know About in 2022 An Excellent Guide

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Discover Binance NFT’s latest feature updates, including a new minting and listing quantity system based on creator ranking, a brand new overhaul of our user center page, and much more! 

  • Based on community feedback, Binance NFT has launched a series of new features and upgrades to elevate your NFT experience.
  • To improve the quality of NFTs on our platform, we have introduced a new Minting and Listing quantity limit based on Creator Ranking.
  • We’ve implemented an improved NFT browsing experience with our latest features revamps to the user center, wallet overview, mystery box, and NFT pages.  
  • On top of that, we’ve also introduced a new page to showcase NFT collections on the Binance NFT Collection Page 

At Binance, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve and update our products to best suit our user’s needs. As part of our commitment to creating the ultimate NFT experience. 

We’ve updated every part of the Binance NFT platform, using your comments and feedback, to change the way you browse the marketplace and interact with your favorite creators. Keep reading to learn more about our latest updates or go to Binance NFT and check it out for yourself. 

Introducing Binance NFT New User Center Page

Introducing Binance New User Center Page

As part of our continued commitment to building for our community, we’re excited to reveal the fresh new look of our User Center. Learn more about the latest features additions to the user center page below:

  • Upgrades to the Interface

We’ve upgraded the user center with new features to make accessing different functions on the page more efficient and seamless with the addition of menu bars on the left side and top of the page. 

You can now find frequently used functions such as Assets, History, Favorites, and Settings in the new column menu on the left side of the page. 

  • Simpler Access to Assets

We got feedback that some users found the NFT, Mystery box, and Crypto assets on the user center page difficult to access at times. To make things more simple we’ve re-organized everything in one place. 

You can also find commonly used buttons, such as Deposit, Withdraw, and My Wallet on the top menu.

Box Of Surprises

Mystery Box

Mystery Boxes are now categorized by collection. You can now also see the total number of items you have illustrated in the bottom left corner of the mystery box. In addition, when you click into each collection, you can now see both opened and unopened mystery boxes indicated in the bottom right corner of the box. 

Overview of NFT Assets in Your Wallet

As an NFT platform with the largest crypto community in the world, we are always looking for ways to expand our ecosystem and improve the NFT experience. Users can now see their NFT assets in the Wallet Overview on Binance. 

An Improvement to the Mystery Box Page

For the next updates, the Mystery Box Homepage has been improved. Users can find the top projects and the most recent Mystery Box price changes, to keep track of the latest and highest trending sales, with additional detailed ranking information. 

about each Mystery Box series such as Floor Price, Trade Volume, Original Issue Price, and Total Quantities Issued. Users can also conveniently view each NFT set from the series, to navigate and find the exact NFT they are looking for easily. 

Additional Information Regarding Provenance Price History

Our next feature upgrade includes an improved Provenance tab on the NFT pages. The improved tab includes additional details, such as the Selling price, 

The status of the NFT with regards to whether it is Frozen or Unfrozen, and the username of users who withdraw or mint the NFT, to provide more details for you to evaluate NFT projects.

Manage Notification Settings

Manage Notification Settings

With this new update, users can decide what notifications to receive and customize the notification language in the User Center. 

You can find Notifications under Settings in the new column menu on the left side of the page.

Keep up to date with everything NFT.

Our new Collection Page features a video section with educational content for beginners and content on NFT IGO projects. 

Other sections on the page will show 4 Mystery Box categories: Sports, Art, Entertainment, Gaming. You can also now check out our past Premium Events on the new collection page. 

Minting and listing limits are determined by the creator’s ranking.

We’ve also introduced new quantity limits for Creators. Divided into three groups – Top Creators (Rank A), Normal Creators (Rank B), and New Creators who signed up through our application link (Rank C). 

Top Creators can enjoy unlimited minting and listing. Normal Creators will be able to mint 150 NFTs a day and list 150 NFTs a day. New Creators will only be able to mint 50 NFTs a day and list 50 NFTs a day.

Thank You For Your Support Of The Binance NFT Community

Once again, we’d like to give a big thank you to the community for sharing your NFT journey with us. You’ve given us amazing feedback and comments to help us improve Binance NFT in every way possible, from the browsing experience to new features such as Liking and Favoriting. 

As Binance NFT is still new, we look forward to continually improving our platform, products, and services to bring the best NFT metaverse experience for seasoned collectors and first-time NFT users alike. 

for more details please visit our website 

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