8 Common NFT Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them) -2022

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If you’re new to NFTs, it’s important to familiarize yourself with their benefits and risks before diving in headfirst. The 8 most common NFT mistakes made by inexperienced investors aren’t hard to avoid if you know how, so here are 8 of the most common mistakes NFT newbies make and how to avoid them.

8 Common NFT Mistakes:

1. Buying popular items

Common NFT Mistakes: Buying popular items

If you’re trying to make money by selling items on Neopets, don’t waste your time buying popular items. They will be out of stock. Always buy items that haven’t been sold recently—you can even check in with sites like Trading Post for their most-wanted lists. If you want to try reselling popular items, do so when they are back in stock and likely to stay there for a while. Also, remember to keep an eye on shop prices; if an item is only going for 1 NP more than you bought it for, it may not be worth it. And never sell any items that have been restocked within 24 hours.

It doesn’t matter how much you spent on them or how much they were originally going for; restocking means people aren’t interested in them anymore, and it could take days or weeks before someone else picks them up. In addition, there is no guarantee that anyone will purchase these items at all.

If you do decide to buy and resell popular items, always price them reasonably! Your goal should be to break even, not turn a profit. Remember: If you put something in your shop for too low of a price, it might end up sitting there forever because nobody thinks it’s worth that little.

2. Shopping on eBay

Shopping on eBay

I buy stuff on eBay a lot and rarely have an issue. Still, it is a marketplace where you are shopping in other people’s homes, and as such, I tend to follow some best practices. Here are a few things I do when buying on eBay 1. Always use PayPal for payment; 2. Never pay with a credit card; 3. Don’t bid on something if you don’t intend to buy it;

4. Don’t bid if you don’t have time to deal with any issues that may arise from bidding or winning an auction; 5. Always read seller feedback carefully; 6. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is! 7. If you plan to bid on several items, wait until the end before making your final bids so that you can submit one check/money order instead of multiple checks/money orders;

8. Ask questions about anything that doesn’t seem right before purchasing. In my experience, most sellers will go out of their way to make sure their customers are happy. Most won’t ship damaged goods, but occasionally things happen and it’s always better to ask first than get upset later. 9. Finally, remember that eBay is only as safe as you make it. Use common sense and take precautions to protect yourself. These tips should help keep you safe, but please remember that there is no substitute for doing your own research and being smart about how you shop online.

3. Not finding your niche

Not finding your niche

If you are new to network marketing and don’t know how to go about it, first identify your niche. Believe me, in network marketing, you can’t afford to spread yourself thin. In every business venture you choose, you must find a niche and cater your services around that niche. This will not only help you build a solid reputation among your customers but also allow them to perceive that they can depend on you for relevant information without much effort on their part.

The more focused you become on your offerings, the easier it is for potential clients to see what value you offer them. Don’t be afraid to target multiple niches at once, either; if one isn’t working out as well as planned, move on to another! Remember: Successful businesses rarely stay focused on just one thing forever. The secret is knowing when to pivot or change direction. As long as you have that sense of intuition, then trust your gut and continue moving forward.

It’s better to try something and fail than never try at all. You learn so much from failure that success doesn’t even feel like an accomplishment after a while.

4. Not choosing the right platform

Not choosing the right platform

There are a lot of subscription billing platforms out there. But not all of them are right for your specific needs. Don’t waste time on something that will frustrate you or your customers when you should be thinking about what’s best for your business and how much effort you want to spend on development, maintenance, etc. Take some time upfront to make sure you’re picking a platform that will fit with your goals from day one!

This is especially important if you plan to do any custom coding. It’s easy to get wrapped up in whether you should use Stripe, Recurly, Braintree, Chargebee, or other options—but at some point, it becomes more about which option fits into your budget and timeline than which one is best. If you have an idea of where you want to go with your company before going through these steps, it can help keep you focused. The easiest way to do that?

Write down what you want your ideal customer experience to look like. What features would they expect? What kind of support would they need? What kind of account management features would they expect?

5. Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

Sometimes in your quest for fast results, you may find yourself taking on too many clients or NFT projects. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and don’t take on work that is out of your skillset; your credibility and quality will suffer if you aren’t careful. When new opportunities arise, look for places where you can add value first before taking them on as a client. Take time to evaluate their needs and make sure they fit into your schedule before accepting any work or payments.

This way, you won’t overbook yourself and end up burning out. It also shows potential clients that you are professional and serious about your business. You want to build trust with your audience so that when it comes time for them to hire you, they feel confident working with you.

You’ll be able to give them what they need and grow your own business at a pace that works best for both parties involved. That’s what being a great freelancer is all about! The Top 4 Tools To Use For Your Next Design Project.

6. Not having enough time/energy

Not having enough time/energy

If you don’t have enough time or energy, you need to prioritize your efforts. Using Nerium’s ageLOC products will help balance your hormones, help with sleep quality, and give you more energy. You’ll feel better, live longer, and look younger. It’s a win-win! Don’t let not having enough time be an excuse for letting go of what matters most in life – yourself! Make it happen. Make it work. Make it happen NOW!

It’s also important to note that if you have too much on your plate already, then adding new things is going to make things worse – like trying to add more hours onto a day that already has 24 hours in it. If you feel overwhelmed, go back and revisit Step 1: Remove obstacles and start with something small. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day! Start with something small and simple and build from there as time goes by. This will help prevent overwhelm from creeping up on you again!

The biggest scams people make when starting their own network marketing business: Not having enough time/energy: If you don’t have enough time or energy, you need to prioritize your efforts.

7. Misinformation Online

Misinformation Online

The Internet is ripe with inaccurate and often contradictory information, which makes it very easy for new fish farmers to learn some of their best practices from questionable sources. Before you put anything into practice, make sure you’re confident in its veracity. If you can’t confirm that information through trustworthy resources, it may be time to change course. For example, don’t just trust any random forum post—do your research or ask a professional for help.

Remember: It’s better to have an educated guess than a misinformed hunch. You can always correct your mistakes later. Once you know how to avoid spreading misinformation online, there are other common mistakes you should watch out for as well. Following these tips will save you time and effort while helping ensure that your project remains successful over time. 1. Not considering Breeding Stock: Before you start breeding fish, make sure that both parents are healthy and capable of producing offspring—otherwise, it’s a waste of time!

8. Scarcity Mentality

Scarcity Mentality

The belief is that if we’re not going after something, someone else will. And because of that, it’s an excuse for us to do nothing at all. In most cases—and direct sales, specifically—we don’t have any control over whether someone is going after a deal. It’s typically up to that individual whether or not they choose to take action on something; it has nothing to do with us. So why does the scarcity mentality persist? Because people tend to overestimate their competition and underestimate themselves.

If you believe everyone else is out there hustling while you’re sitting on your hands, chances are you won’t make much progress towards your goals. Instead, recognize that you can only control what you do—not what others do—and use that as motivation to get moving. The more you move, the more likely it is that opportunities will come your way. After all, no one knows how to sell better than those who are selling!


For NFTs, this is an exciting time. For starters, there is a “threat” of centralization posed by NFT platforms such as OpenSea (I put that word in air quotes only because Web3 proponents claim to be anti-centralization). Second, and perhaps more importantly, the true market for NFTs appears to be based on rights rather than speculation, as we are currently experiencing. To me, creators selling an NFT to confer rights makes a lot more economic sense than purchasing a digital cartoon or artwork and hoping to resell it to another sucker for more money.

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