5 Amazing Web3 And Crypto Events Of 2022. You Don’t Want To Miss It!

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In the shadow of the Cardano virtual summit, 5 amazing Web3 and Crypto events have been on the rise, and with good reason attending conferences (both virtual and IRL) can introduce you to new concepts and modern thought processes within the industry. 

Crypto and the constraints of technology are constantly evolving. This growth will require the standard crypto holder to regularly sharpen their knowledge and stay on top of their game.

Conferences can give you the chance to listen to industry leaders and professionals and ask them questions face to face. Networking and real-life engagement can provide insights you can’t get from reading an article or listening to a podcast.

5 Amazing Web3 And Crypto Events Of 2022.

The Unbelievable North American Bitcoin Conference

The North American Bitcoin Conference is the longest-standing event on this list, with the first conference held in 2017.

The Amazing North American Bitcoin Conference

No worries if January 17th is too short notice, the gathering is an annual event. The brightest minds in blockchain technology, Industry pioneers, and innovators come together in Miami each year to discuss Defi, NFTs, Metaverse, Web3, and more. 

MIAMI, Dec. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via CurrencyWire – Boutique space training and travel company Astronaut is giving away one free ticket to space at the North American Bitcoin Conference (“TNABC”), slated for Jan. 17-19, 2022, at the James L. Knight Center in Miami. 

This landmark opportunity represents the pinnacle of humanity’s pioneering efforts to expand and innovate in the fields of space travel, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

Even at the peak of COVID, their dedication to the community pushed them to continue with the conference.

2022 CryptoWorldCon

CryptoWorldCon is a mega crypto conference focused on big trends in cryptocurrency.

CryptoWorldCon 2022

The event will be two days of various educational and developer-focused events that aim to nurture the incorporation of crypto across various industries. You will be provided with first-hand information about the cryptocurrencies and blockchain mining industry. 

This largest blockchain event in Miami will see the global blockchain community converge to discuss the latest developments and insights into the evolving, real-world applications of blockchain technology in finance, investment, enterprise, socially important projects, and the global payment industry.

Over 20 blockchain enthusiasts and industry veterans will attend this conference to share their knowledge and stories.

This is the largest blockchain event in Miami. The conference is projected to have over 15,000 attendees.


Denver is a member-owned Community Innovation Festival. With the genesis of SporkDAO in June of 2022, Denver is the first event-based DAO in the world.

5 Amazing Web3 And Crypto Events Of 2022: ETHDENVER

Denver is the world’s largest Web3 Buildathon for Ethereum and other protocol enthusiasts, designers, and developers. The conference is 100% community-funded and will feature simultaneous virtual and in-person events. Blockchain companies worldwide will host events in an open-source format, inviting all to attend. 

This monumental event includes talks and workshops by leading blockchain influencers and experts as well as project collaboration spaces, art installations, live music, networking events, food, drinks, and more.

Denver attendees will contribute to the global blockchain ecosystem. If in attendance you’ll be able to help build decentralized applications (dApps), and contribute to or start infrastructure level projects. 

Write documentation/tutorials/white papers, UI/UX, or infographics, and learn, connect, and become more involved. You’ll have access to expert mentors, resources, and all of the educational content you can consume.

Croatia 2022 BlockDown

BlockDown Festival is a three-day event located in the coastal city of Šibenik. 

BlockDown Croatia 2022

This conference is held at the beautiful Amadria Park Resort and is the perfect opportunity to network with thousands of people who understand how blockchain technology can change society. 

BlockDown Croatia promises to unite hundreds of crypto-enthusiasts in a celebration of crypto and the beauty of human connection. Both a conference and party, the BlockDown Festival will allow you to marvel at the amazing technology that is changing the world we live in.

Out of all of the conferences coming up in 2022, the BlockDown Festival is poised to be the best for connection and networking as well as experiencing the tastes, sights, and sounds of this beautiful European oasis.

2022 Crypto Carnival (Virtual)

CryptoCarnival is a virtual conference organized by Rainbow 6ix. 

Crypto Carnival 2022 (Virtual)

Welcome to the Carnival. Register to get FREE Axie pets! Win airdrops, NFTs, ETH, BTC, MacBooks, and iPhones at the virtual conference!! Carnival 2022 aims to deliver top-level content, leadership meet-ups, unique showcases on blockchain technology, and exciting discussions on the current crypto landscape and its impact.

This event will provide you with top-level crypto content, leadership meet-ups, unique blockchain technology demonstrations, and exciting discussions on the current crypto world and its impact. The best part is it’s all through an online platform riddled with gamification.

The prizes for this event are composed of airdrops, bounties, lucky draws, and other activities from many different projects. Attendees will experience the future of virtual conferences and leave with a deeper understanding of the metaverse. 

The first thousand tickets are free, so be sure to sign up as quickly as possible.

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